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Road to 100k, a new adven

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Streaming Starcraft: Remastered!
  ClouD87, Oct 17 2017

I started streaming some Starcraft in preparation for this tournament For those of you who don't know me, when I was playing Starcraft at my best around 2008 I have been for a while the non korean with highest iccup rating and I also had the opportunity to go to Korea as a full time progamer (but eventually declined). If you want to check my stream out and drop by to say hi it's always appreciated

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Staking question
  ClouD87, May 07 2017

Hey guys. I'm in a weird staking situation and I would greatly appreciate your honest feedback.

It started when a trustworthy friend of mine suggested me to play on a chinese poker app. He told me he knows a guy who does staking deals and he was looking for players. I already knew action was going on these mobile phone apps at high stakes but I didn't want to play with my own money because I was warned of the high possibility of some cheating going on. My friend told me np you are getting full staking you don't need to put your money on the line.

After that I talked to the staking guy and he said it was full staking plus Make Up (which, as I was explained, meant that if I lost money along my run I would need to make it again before receiving further payments). Deal is he gives me 50% of the money during first week trial period, and if we are both satisfied I get 65% of my winnings when I play afterwards. I play first week very few hands, win something like 11k$ (So i get a bit less than 5.5k$), he pays me in bitcoins, everything is fine.

Right after the test week I start playing and I notice weird things going on. I get herocalled in impossible spots and I start lagging and disconnecting like crazy, also during hands that I might have won (you only have 15 seconds to make a move, if you lag you just auto fold even if you have the nuts). I am confident and my previous poker results testify my abilities of making money against recreationals, but I am either having a really bad run or I am not capable of beating these chinese recreationals or I'm getting scammed in some way. Even if it wasn't for the weirdest hero calls the real problem is the fact I get lag spikes very often and I don't get to play the hands I want to. I realize I can't win playing poker in this environment, but I still decided to take a break and come back after a week and see if the lag goes away...

I come back after a week and lag got even worse. App is still unplayable and I still get herocalled with utter garbage hands everytime I bluff in a big pot. At this point I'm down between 7k and 10k (without including test week), which is not much but I simply don't think I can make money in this condition. So I just message my friend and the staking guy explaining the lag situation and they both say I can't pull back because I need to make up the money I lost before going out of the agreement. Problem is I most likely can't win with these issues so if I keep playing I will just lose even more.

At this point I just want to get away from this situation before possibly losing more money. Here comes the part that confuses me: my friend says that I can't pull out before I remake the money. I tell him that I am probably going to lose money if I keep playing, then he further tries to convince me to play more. We go back and forth saying the same thing a couple more times until I make sure he understands I'm not playing on these chinese apps again.
So I tell him I'll just give the staker the money I won during the trial week and not play again to avoid losing his money. My friend says that I have to give the staker back all money I lost at the tables. I won 5k during trial period, lost between 7k and 10k afterwards, so basically he says I have to give him 2k-5k (or whatever the difference is) out of my own pocket to pull out.

Now I'm super confused. If I have to pay for the losses what's the point of the staking? I was playing nl3k deep with huge antes (which is beyond my bankroll capabilities atm) and if I lose I have to take the money out of my own pocket, but if I win I have to give 35% of the profit to the guy. How is this regarded as full staking? I would have never played these games with my own money and I wasn't told this when we talked about the staking. My friend says that if I don't give the 2-5k to the guy I'm basically scamming him and he further tries to convince me to play more on chinese apps.

I still have to talk to the staking guy, and before talking to him I'd like to get some more opinions before we get in a debate on whether I should give him the lost money or not. I just think the chinese apps are shady and I definitely can't play with the lag, and also if I have to pay for all the lost money I don't understand how he could call our deal full staking.

I will accept any suggestion, thanks in advance

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Best session
  ClouD87, Oct 22 2016

feels good ^_^

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